Last month I had some major technical issues. My beloved laptop stopped charging and had to go to the computer hospital, my phone randomly restarted itself, then used up all it’s memory, had some scheduled posts never post, messages from customers that I never received, a payment processor decline every single transaction that tried to go through and other stupid things that made life a bit frustrating. Ok beyond frustrating. More like ready to dump technology all together and go live in the woods with the squirrels 🙂

So how did all this happen? Coincidence? Bad luck? Maybe but that was an awful lot of stuff all at once! I thought long and hard about it and finally I realized that I created it….ugh!

What happened is I got in a rush and messed some things up, then after the first couple of snags I fell into complaining about how everything was going wrong and how I’d spent the last few days putting out fires (yes it gets me too sometimes). And of course my inner being responded by cheerfully delivering more fires for me to put out!

The interesting thing is that once I realized what was going on, shut down the complaint committee and started claiming what I wanted (technology that works perfectly), things started to clear up immediately 🙂 

What about you? Do you find yourself creating fires to put out from time to time?

As a challenge, next time you notice an avalanche of things going wrong, check in with your internal committee, kick a those Negative Nellies out and bring in some new members to help get you back on the road to what you want. I bet you’ll find things turn around pretty quickly 🙂

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