Our greatest limitation is our belief in what is (and isn’t) possible.

Our beliefs shape our lives more than anything else. This can be wonderful when we have our eyes on the stars and are moving forward. But it can stunt our growth when we allow limiting beliefs to dictate what we can and can’t achieve.

Limiting beliefs come in the form of what is possible as well as what is impossible.

Possible and impossible are two sides of the same coin. For instance, you may believe it is possible to get a decent job but you may think it is impossible run your own business. You may believe it is possible to treat a health condition by following a certain protocol while you believe it is impossible to be cured completely.

Limiting yourself to what is possible shuts the door on a whole lot of options. And when you start believing something is impossible – well it pretty much makes it certain that it will be impossible for you. 

I invite you to take a second look at what you believe to be possible (and impossible). It could be that it’s time to open those doors just a little and allow for new ideas 🙂

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