When I am working with clients, they sometimes ask me why I use the term Inner Being or Universe instead of God, Allah, Jesus, Higher Power or something similar. 

The truth is that every name we use is limiting and the true creative power – the force behind everything – is really nameless.

But humans like to name things and attach meaning to those names and that’s fine. I use inner being or inner self as a reminder that it is really YOU creating YOUR world, not some power “out there.” Sometimes I also use the term Universe because it seems so big, expansive and all encompassing that it just fits. I also use I AM to express creation and wholeness, and as a reminder that at our core we are all the I AM. Again going back to there is no external god or other being calling the shots.

Having said that, I work with people from all over the world with different cultural and religious backgrounds and I understand that everyone has their own comfort zone and set of beliefs. In your own work I encourage you to use the terminology that feels right to you.

No matter what name you choose, the point is that at our core we are the I AM – the creative force that all reality springs forth from. I know we don’t feel that way most of the time but it’s not that we are separate, or less than. It’s that we’ve forgotten who we really are. That’s why connecting consciously and learning to communicate openly with our I AM is so important.

It is crucial to our well being, not just in creating “stuff,” but in expanding beyond the limited earth plane to understand and claim the totality of who we really are.

So by all means use whatever name works for you. It will help your creations appear in your reality a lot faster and with more grace and ease. 

Happy Creating!

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