To get what you want you have to ignore reality. If you had it already you wouldn’t be trying to get it.

This seems kind of silly at first because ignoring reality seems like living in a fantasy world. But the truth is if you want to get from A to B you have to keep your sights focused on B, not A.

It’s not that A isn’t real. It is simply that A is the starting point. So begin there, then keep your sights focused firmly on B as you make that journey step by step.

A good example of this is moving to a new climate.  Let’s say it’s winter, you live in Maine and you’re moving to southern Florida.  As your move gets closer, you ignore the snow outside and think about warm nights and beaches. You buy a swimsuit instead of a parka.  Maybe you sell your skis and buy scuba gear. With your eye on Florida, the things important for Maine become less important and you sell or give them away so you don’t have to move them to a climate they don’t fit in.

Sure when you step outside all you see (and feel) is winter, so you keep your old parka But you don’t put any energy or resources toward winter things, because warmer weather is wear it’s at for the future.

Same with your goals in life.  You pack for where you are going, not where you are right now.  You plan for the new reality, picking out things that fit where you’re going rather than where you are right now.  There may be transitions along the way, like wearing your heavy coat until you move, but then you pack it away (or get rid of it) because you just don’t need it anymore.

So you set your sites firmly on B, your tropical destination and start making it real, even if it’s cold and snowy outside!

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