When you put too much attention on the outer world, you drown out your own voice.

This is so easy to do and yes, I’ve been guilty!

We are taught from a very young age to look to others “older and wiser” for advice and examples of how to live, what to do and even who to be. This may work well for children trying to figure out how to navigate the world, but as adults it can seriously hold us back.

So as we start 2019, I am making a commitment to myself to stop listening to all that outside chatter and take the time to be still and LISTEN to my own voice.

No courses. No gurus. No coaches. Not for a while.

Yes those things all have their place and truly, my own clients say I have made their lives immeasurably better. But it’s also good to take a break sometimes and turn inward to reconnect with your own voice – the essence of who you are, and to follow it’s wise words and insights.

After all who better knows what you want than YOU?

Who better knows what you NEED to have, do or be to create the life you want?

Who loves you more and is a bigger supporter and cheerleader than YOU?

So take the time to be still and reconnect with yourself, and to nurture and pay attention to that ever wise, patient and supportive voice inside of you.

Here’s to the best year ever for you, me and everyone!

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