Good things lie at the end of country roads.

Yesterday, instead of going right back to work after running some errands, I got at “hit” to get off at the next exit. Not a big deal… I was 3 exits away and could easily take the back roads instead of the highway.

Except then instead of turning right, I went straight.

Then I went straight again, and right, then left. I forgot all about work, curious as to where I’d end up. Well 30 miles later and down some beautiful back country roads, I found myself near a friend’s house.

A friend I hadn’t seen in a couple years. I called but didn’t get an answer so I just went there and knocked on the door.

This lead to a lovely afternoon with exactly the information I needed to answer a nagging question. It also sparked some great ideas which are simmering in the back of my head right now.


If I had ignored that nudge to get off at that exit I would have gone back to work, probably procrastinated and felt unproductive the rest of the day.

Instead I had a relaxing and fun afternoon and even though I didn’t get much on my to-do list done, I was actually way more productive than I could have planned out myself.

The lesson here is to “get off that exit!”

Listen to your inner voice and follow it even if it doesn’t make sense. Because it DOES make the most sense of all the thoughts you can possibly have.

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